The first track from the 5 track ‘Remixes’ EP from FKOF and Cloudeater

Korrupt ’s review of De Form’s remix of Cloudeater’s ‘The Dive’: 
"Intense soundscapes fade slowly into the mix, resonating around the listener’s eardrums as they brings a sorrow-like vibe forward. Only moments later, the listener can hear panned effects and a change in harmonics. De Form combines an enormous number of layers to form a continuously morphing audio ‘organism’.

"Just a split-second later, a blend of beautiful choirs form and coincide with the rest of the elements present. Everything seems to come together - not knowing where it ends exactly seems to give this track so much power. With panning effects added and the high-frequencies becoming more intense by the second, De Form has absolutely outdone himself with this amazing remix.

"As his remix ends, the listener is left with a single question: what would De Form have produced if he decided to implement drum patterns and percussion?!"

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