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The FKOF review:
"While a vocal echoes through a bright field of sound, an uplifting synth continuously brings in positive energy. A poppy kick works parallel with a high-quality snare, which is layered with a clap, to give DJ a more friendlier, more excitable, touch. A vibrant low end finds it way to your ears, as the warm characteristics of it hint at playback on a sunny, breezy day at the beach – straight summer festival vibes.

"Hitman’s repetitive bassline really is the element of strength here, it creates a recognisable flow that is not hard to break down. Even the word DJ is broken down and stretched out behind the scenes to enhance the aspects in RDG’s original work. This remix is set to warm up dance-floors and get the people moving properly; Hitman has done an outstanding job and should be watched! This is a FKOFing amazing tune!”

Download the 320 here:

It’s been a wet and windy winter, but we’re gearing up for a long and decent summer with @RDG's latest FKOF free download and @hitmanuk's debut. The duo have also recently collaborated on the SURF010 single on @surfase-recordswhich you can grab from the buy link!

RDG is almost at 2,000 fans on FB - like and follow to stay up to date with all his new music and releases » «<


The FKOF review:
"With Afterlife, Krease has built a minimal stepper from the ground up. The producer uses few percussive elements to instigate the pace, highlighting his ability to make more through less. Accentuating this stepper with a clear snap in the snare is not enough for him, as he fills space with tribal goodness.

"The elements involved travel through a deep, projected sound field, while the mid-ranges balance the production out enabling you to reach a state of meditation. The Under Surveillance Recordings boss completes his debut FKOF free download by unleashing a set of captivating synths. Afterlife creates the path to a final destination, taking you through to the other side…”

Download the 320 here:

Absolutely love this one from @u-s-v-recordings founder @krease, a worthy addition to the FKOF free set!


The FKOF review:
"M A W implements a seemingly static half-step approach, invading the sound field to leave almost visible footprints behind. His menacing snare moves to take a number of victims, sweeping the unprepared off their feet with every hit. An intense and full kick hits the chest like a hammer, steamrolling its way through the ribcage.

"M A W’s use of repetitive basslines resemble the power that safeguards the MWM Recordings signature sound. The synths resonate through the body, combining with the other elements to create a deadly force that may even remind you of the early Compa-esque dubstep sound."

Download the 320 here:

We’ve featured @marcel-warnas' @m-a-w-dubstep a few times here on FKOF before, but never with a FKOF free. So here’s his debut, and it’s massive. Enjoy!


FatKidOnFire Presents #11 - @n-type

Read the interview on soon!

Track list:

1. Biome - Philly Blunt [dub]
2. Chewie - Isolation [Uprise Audio]
3. Demon & Biome - Terminate [W&D Records dub]
4. Taiko - Spray Can VIP [Uprise Audio]
5. Dark Tantrums - Spawn [dub]
6. Demon - Break Point [W&D Records dub]
7. Dark Tantrums - Pitched Battle [dub]
8. Demon ft. Beezy - Genocide [W&D Records dub]
9. LX ONE - Cloud City [W&D Records dub]
10. Syxx - Motion Potion [dub]
11. Hatcha & Pixelfist - Screwface [Sin City Records dub]
12. Thelem - Haunted Harmonics [Artikal Music]
13. The Others - Amazonia VIP [Dub Police dub]
14. Syxx - Yotta [dub]
15. Asylum - Always Love [Uprise Audio]
16. Genetix - Final Movement [Underslung Audio]
17. N-Type & Surge - Katnipe [W&D Records dub]
18. Silkie - Bird in the Sky [dub]
19. Proxima - Trapped [Tempa Records]
20. Truth - Trenchtown [Deep Medi]
21. Surge - Alpha Wolf [Biscuit Factory dub]
22. LX One - Distorted Politics [W&D Records]
23. N-Type & Surge - Stampede [W&D Records dub]

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